csp aerial view

CSP Valencia

Cosco Shipping Ports (Spain) Valencia Terminal an essential partner for the development of GEMINI.

Cosco Shipping Ports (Spain) Valencia Terminal is at the side of DSP and TALUMIS since the beginning of GEMINI development; a partner who immediately believed in the project and actively cooperate to build the digital twin.

Strategically located in the Mediterranean with proximity to the Suez-Gibraltar route CSP Valencia terminal enjoys a hub position in the main maritime routes connecting Spain and Europe with other continents, being particularly important are the routes to North and South America, Far and Middle East and Africa.

With 2.3 Km of berthing line, 145 hectare yard, a railway terminal with direct connections to the main Spanish cities, Valencia terminal has a capacity of more than 3.5 M TEU.

We believe digital twins will be a revolution in the way container terminals make decisions, offering operational efficiency and avoiding dangerous situations, which will lead to safer and more efficient decision making, increasing the overall performance of the terminal.

CSP Valencia Terminal and DSP TALUMIS presented GEMINI last June at the TOC Europe Global Showcase


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